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The Evolution of the Telecoms Industry

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Ourselves and our surroundings continuously evolve, the rate at which something evolves is usually influenced by the environment of which it is in. The relatively new world of modern technology has shown rapid rates of evolution which can be shown just by looking at the progress of communicative devices.

From its early beginnings with the invention of the first electric telegraph in the early 1800s, to now being able to use facial recognition technology to pay with your smartphone, it’s clear to see that the industry has come a long way and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is why it is vital for a business to keep up with its industries ever-changing technological advancements, otherwise it could fall behind its competition.

Since the day in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell made the first call “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.” The way in which we communicate has evolved at a rapid rate. More recently, the way in which businesses interconnect with one and other, still rely heavily on the telephone but that is no longer the only way in which we communicate.

In the early days, telephone calls were made by sound waves being converted into electric signals and those electric signals back into sound waves. This method has evolved within a short period of time, and now modern telephones are able to use the internet and WiFi to make all of their calls. Industry experts have predicted that all telephone calls will be made via the internet by 2025 when ISDN is phased out and becomes unsupported.

Modern innovations and evolving methods of communication means businesses needs and expectations of what they expect from their telecoms provider has changed drastically in only a couple of decades. At FCC we recognise these changes and work hard to provide up-to-date services.

Phone systems, line rentals and calls

We offer a comprehensive landline and calls service covering the full range of voice services from line rentals and call charges through to delivering and maintaining new or existing phone systems.

Internet, data and broadband

Increasingly, as companies turn to hosted/cloud-based services the need for their broadband to deliver fast speeds and consistent connections is becoming of strategic importance.

Mobile services- EE, Vodafone and O2

We understand that needs change, but we don’t wait until a mobile contract ends before we advise on service or equipment modifications where we can help.

IT Specialist services

The ever-increasing threat of cyber criminals is something that should not be overlooked, threats increase on a daily basis and companies should be vigilant in the services they use. FCC offer a multitude of high end to small office network security solutions. The network security solutions can be used across all sites, and it allows secure VPN access for remote users (even restricting access to segregated office LAN’s).

With the rate of technology evolving at lightening speed, and the knock-on effects it has on the telecoms industry- is it time your business reviewed their telecoms set up?

Contact FCC on +44 (0) 1934 756 400 / Email

Businesses needs and expectations of what they expect from their telecoms provider has changed drastically in only a couple of decades, this is due to the evolution of technology.

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