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First Floor 200 Worle Parkway

W-s-M, North Somerset, BS22 6WA


Mon - Fri 8.30 - 18.00

Weekend CLOSED

Customer Enquiry

01934 756 400

Castelan Group

A team of dedicated warranty professionals which manages an average of 3,000 furniture and electrical claims each week.



Founded on experience and expertise. The Castelan team of dedicated warranty professionals is at the heart of the Castelan Group.

Castelan provide a complete end-to-end solution including product warranties, first year and warranty claims handling, nationwide mobile repairs and customer care kits.

Above all, Castelan executives recognised that a warranty and claims handling business could be successful if it was built on a culture of quality and an ethos of ‘fair to all’.

The Challenge

The strength of Castelan service is that it has been tailored by their in-house experts. Not only support their own operational needs, but also those of our clients.

With this in mind, and with hundreds of mobile phone users, one area which was hard to manage and report on was the company mobiles.

Castelan needed to work with a provider who was agile and quick to respond to the ever growing mobile data needs.

The changeover to FCC was meticulously planned to the last number migrating over. We finally have a detailed report sent through each month which is really useful and in a good format that makes it easy to digest and interrogate

Stuart Westcott

Head of IT Infrastructure, Castelan Group

The Solution

To prevent widespread downtime, FCC migrated all mobile users over to the Vodafone network in a staged and regional approach.

A shared data bundle was added to create a fairer usage policy for all mobile phones, this was to use on a first come, first served basis.

Live cost and usage alerts are triggered throughout the month, and tariff changes are made instantly to handle any unnecessary costs occurring.

A full detailed management pack is produced each month to give the IT team and Regional heads the control to look at usage, trends and out of the ordinary costs.

How can we help you

We would welcome the chance to be invited in to meet with you, to discuss your existing business technology.

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