At-Bristol is regarded by many as the premier science centre in the south west. Located in the regenerated docklands, its two-floors are filled with interactive exhibits, activities and live shows.  Its vision is to make science accessible to all and to encourage a sense of adventure. Every year thousands of people are inspired by a visit. Perhaps lesser known is that it is a charity, receiving no direct central government funding to run, instead relying on its fundraising activities to enable this highly successful educational facility to prosper.


As any well run charity will tell you, it is crucial that running costs are well managed and that the services needed to run the business are both efficient and cost-effective. For the Science charity a particular issue that had become apparent was their phone system auto attendant and voicemail system was unreliable. Customers were unable to direct through to the right teams for booking tickets and ‘help’ voicemail messages were not being saved. However, the cost they were quoted to replace this old system was, in their estimation, far too high.


They asked FCC to propose a solution and were extremely happy to receive a plan that met all of their specific requirements but at a cost that was 25% of anything they had previously received.  FCC replaced the existing voicemail and auto attendant with new equipment.

Everything is now working and delivering the enhanced service for customers and staff they required and all supported by a full maintenance agreement.


“Mark and the FCC team have been a pleasure to work with and we could not be happier with the new phone system they have installed. It goes without saying that for a busy museum like ours, making communications easy for our visitors and schools is a necessity and helps us run the business more effectively. The new system was installed with the minimum of fuss or disturbance and they are easy to contact when we have any questions.   I would highly recommend them to anyone with a similar need.”

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