Just before the end of last year we carried out a minor rebrand. We shortened our name from First Class Comms to FCC. Now to us, the reason was quite simple. We, like many of our customers, found using FCC a lot simpler than saying the whole name and so we made it official by changing the logo. It was quite a visual change and coincided with the launch of our new website, which we had built to ensure our online presence was easy for our customers and visitors to use and navigate in an increasingly mobile world. Simplifying a name is not uncommon, take tech giant Logitech who announced back in 2015 that it would start using Logi on its new ‘bright’ products of the future.

In fact, it turns out we were in good company last year as brand changes seemed quite common. You might not have been aware but:

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– Instagram went from its polaroid-like camera logo to a stylised graphic version.
– The Premier League simplified the lion.
– Guinness added lots of subtle details to its Harp


Now, this is a bit tongue-in-cheek as we are not comparing ourselves to these giant companies. However, there is one common factor to all of us. The most important aspect of a brand is how customers relate to it and the message it conveys. There should always be an element of caution when making a change for fear of spooking customers into perhaps thinking something fundamental has changed.

As a company our goal is to provide a responsive, customer focussed service, at a competitive price and to be seen as a partner who is capable of understanding any changing telecoms needs and offering solutions. Our actions and the customers’ reactions (how they feel about our service) equates to our brand. In this context, as with the above examples, a new version of our name and logo should not really be an issue, for it should always be the actions that speak louder than words. We can never be complacent, but we know that nothing has changed in the way we deliver our service or look after our customers and so as long as we continue with the same focus we feel the FCC brand is secure, albeit we have shaved time off both saying and writing our name!

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