O2 Tu go appLike the majority of people of who live on the outskirts of large Towns or Cities receiving a phone signal can be quite a challenge especially as mobile frequencies particularly dislike two types of buildings – new and old!

All mobile networks have launched their Femtocell technology to help boost indoor coverage for homes and small offices which still means purchasing either a Vodafone Sure Signal, EE Corporate Booster or O2 Boostbox device for around the £100 mark and praying that your broadband speeds are good enough to deliver a good quality call.

At last O2 have finally seen the light by taking the middleware out of the equation and offering you their free TU Go app which allows your mobile, tablet and any wireless device to make or receive calls, send or receive texts and check your voicemail, wherever you are, and on any device that supports TU Go. Calls are charged at your standard rate and you can set your phone to automatically switch to TU Go when you can’t get a signal – so you’re always in touch.
Use TU Go on any device

You can use your O2 number with TU Go on up to ten different devices, so you can call from your phone, text from your tablet, or check your voicemail on your laptop. It will work on virtually any Android, iOS or Windows Phone device, as well as Windows laptops and PCs.

Call anyone, from any Wi-Fi connection

Your colleagues or clients don’t need the TU Go app to receive calls or texts, just you. Calls are billed as part of your usual monthly allowance and charged at your standard UK rate. You can also switch to 3G/4G to keep using TU Go when you move out of wi-fi coverage.

Avoid roaming charges when you’re abroad

You can use TU Go to connect to wi-fi when you’re on business trips abroad and call home at standard UK rates. International calls will be charged at your standard rate from the UK.

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