I used to play quite a bit of golf and on a good day I was not too bad.  However, a young family combined with running my own, growing business put this activity almost permanently into the rough.  I have no complaints, it actually now seems unimaginable that I once had the time to roam so sedately for hours at a time around a golf course.  I’d probably get bored now.  However, just occasionally an opportunity arises where I can justify the day out as a business related activity and armed with all the communication tools needed to ensure I’m never too far away from the business – as the owner of a Telecoms business you’d expect me to have this covered – I decided to be one of the sponsors at a fundraising event recently held at Long Ashton Golf Club.

The charity in question was West Country Crimestoppers.  This charity offers an anonymous phone-based service that gives people the opportunity to speak out about a crime they have information about, when their personal circumstances could silence them.  If you don’t already know, it’s worth me saying that they are not part of the police force in any way and this independence is a big factor in ensuring those that use it have a trust in their anonymity. Unfortunately as a registered charity, it also means they have to fund the important work they do themselves.

supportThere were two aspects that particularly drew me to wanting to be a part of this event.  Firstly, I have come to know one of the committee members and over a few coffees I have begun to understand just how such a simple idea has had such a powerful effect on crime reduction.  Secondly, and perhaps vaguely predictably, this is a charity based on the use of a phone.  It’s a reminder that despite all the technology now associated with communications from 4G to VOIP and smartphones that run many people lives, the phone at its most basic has always been just a powerful way to communicate and in Crimestoppers case with potentially very important information.  I’m sure Alexander G Bell would approve.  I like this simplicity and however more complex the telecoms world becomes, the basic purpose will never change.  We help people connect so they can communicate.

Now, the layoff from playing golf certainly showed and like any ‘good’ golfer I have a range of suitable excuses. However, it was a well organised and entertaining event which my guests also enjoyed. The Long Ashton course was immaculate and the greens exceptional. More importantly though, the day raised well over £800 which will be used to support a community-based project designed to help address serious street conflict issues involving children as young as nine years old in the inner city area of Bristol.

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