VF 4G Coverage Map
If you live in the South West of England and are a customer of Vodafone or O2 then you will probably share the frustration of a fair few million people, and that is the lack of any 4G services still yet to be “turned on” in this Region. To add more salt in to the wounds, both networks keep pointing you back to their online 4G coverage checkers which is as much help to you as me telling you that Santa is real!!

As you are probably more than aware our friends at EE have a strong foothold on 4G services in the South West as neither Vodafone nor O2 want to join the party. We as a business partner to all three networks are trying to clarify and put external pressure on both Vodafone and O2 to confirm exactly when they will be launching their 4G services and more to the point where in the South West.

You may have read a couple of years ago about a project between both networks called “Cornerstone” which in essence means One grid – two competing networks sharing the physical infrastructure at the end of their networks.

Vodafone will be looking after network maintenance in the West of the UK and Wales, while O2 will be looking after the East, including Northern Ireland. Both partners have signed up to strict service guarantees to make sure any issues are dealt with speedily.
O2 4G Coverage Map
Just to be clear neither operator will be sharing their signal, their spectrum, or backbone network, or any of their services. So you won’t be able to switch between a Vodafone and O2 signal. But if you’re one of their customers, you’ll be able to get a Vodafone and O2 signal from every single one of the masts across the UK.

So with this in mind and that we are two years in to this 10 year site-sharing agreement why are we still struggling to get 4G in the South West Region.

As a telecoms company we want our customers to embrace technology to help with changing IT landscapes, to give more flexible working for both the employee and employer so when we have any news you will be sure to hear it from us first.

Rumour has it that we should expect to see some 4G signals across the Avonmouth area of Bristol in the next 3 months, which baffles me somewhat, however it could be a start!

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